Intervista per Senigallia Notizie del 10 Marzo 2019

Traveling, seeing new places or return to the places already visited to capture their beauty in a different light“. It is this mantra that could summarize the photographer's point of view from Senigallia Luigi Morbidelli

Senigallia, città della fotografia

Article on the blog of Information and Culture "Ecomarchenews" about photo exhibition "Monte Catria under the Snow"

The mounts under the snow

The beautiful landscape photographs of Luigi Morbidelli



Article published in the weekly La Voce Misena of February 2, 2017 edited by Vincenzo Prediletto.

Find your style in photography - Beyond perfection

Article from the blog of the artist Laura Greco

A photo a day: here is the most beautiful shot of 2014

It's the shot by Luigi Morbidelli entitled "Alba dal Molo di Senigallia" to win the prize for' Most beautiful of 2014 'of the heading' A photo a day '. The shot, which is part of the Gallery June 2014, won the highest step of the podium with well 49 likes.
To deciding the winning photos in fact have been just you by voting through the likes your favorite shots in the album uploaded on the Facebook page of

In second place, we have an ex aequo: with 29 like one more time a shot by Morbidelli 'A Pesca la Mattina Presto' (September).


A photo a day: here are the 10 best shots of September 2014

With September behind us here on time or most the 10 best shots of the heading 'A photo a day', the space that daily publishes your best shots that regularly sent us to

In this September just ended, the lion's share belongs again to the sunsets and sunrises. Just one of these secured the palm 'the most beautiful': this is the shot by Luigi Morbidelli entitled 'A Pesca la Mattina Presto'.


A photo a day: here are the 10 best shots of June 2014

June which we have just left behind has given us both the first summer and bursts sound showers. Witness the 'ten most seen shots' of the heading 'A photo a day'. A month that has seen a surge of views, demonstrating how this heading has a following growing.

The prize for 'most beautiful' was won by 'Alba dal Molo di Senigallia' by Luigi Morbidelli: a breathtaking shot that might be worthy the cover of a hypothetical driving on velvet beach.


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