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About me

Artist statement:

  I am a landscape and fine-art photographer: I specialize in capturing the natural beauty of the world, to create a relationship between the viewer and the landscape itself. I see landscape photography as a wonderful adventure, both challenging and fascinating.

  My goal is to help people fall in love with the places I visit, sharing my passion and my vision for photography.

I highlight the wilderness that dominates without any restraint from man.

I love nature for the sense of freedom and inner peace it gives me. And this provokes in me the need to stop it in a frame and try to instill in people who look at my images a sense of respect and protection for the nature that surrounds us.

My art tries to represent the beauty of natural monuments and my main intent is to preserve that image and preserve it for future generations.

  For me, photography is not only an art, but also a way to express my love for the environment. What I try to communicate with my shots is the emotionality of nature, its deepest essence.

  The photographer who most influenced my artistic vision is undoubtedly Ansel Adams. His photographs and books, especially on landscape, are always sources of inspiration. He influenced my way of looking at the scene in front of me and pre-visualizing the final image before shooting. He also totally changed the way I print in darkroom, and consequently the way I process digital images, with a longer and more accurate process, but with much better results.

  Another photographer who inspired my way of seeing the landscape, in this case in color, is Franco Fontana with his landscapes of sharp lines and strong color contrasts and his solitary trees. This led me, for a certain period of time, to go on a spasmodic search for trees, not always loners, on hills with shapes that were sometimes sinuous, sometimes sharply cut, from light pastel color contrasts to more vivid and strong ones.


  I am best known for my landscape photographs focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of the places I visit, and the ability to master all stages of the image, from shooting to final printing, even quite difficult from a technical point of view.

  I was born in Italy in a small town called Chiaravalle, but at the age of 10 I moved with my family to Senigallia, not far from where I was born. Senigallia is called the “City of Photography”. It is indeed the city that gave birth to the great photographer Mario Giacomelli, known all over the world, and saw the birth of the Misa Group founded by Giuseppe Cavalli and including, among other photographers, besides Giacomelli, also Ferruccio Ferroni. It's perhaps from the photographic air that you could breathe, and you can still breathe in this city, that the passion for photography was born in me.


  My first shots date back to the age of 17, in the late '80s. At the same time I started to play drums. Indeed, for more than 20 years I have been working as a musician with different groups and dance bands, and also on cruise ships. And it was the last job I mentioned, that brings together my three great passions (music, photography and travel), that allowed me to travel the world for about 5 years and to become more and more passionate about photography, a passion that has always accompanied me, but which for many years had remained in the background. In March 2018 I moved to Iceland, to photograph the wonderful landscape of the “Land of Ice and Fire”.

  In life, as well as in music and photography, I have always been self-taught. For many years I shoot a little bit of everything, from landscapes to cities, from monuments to buildings, even passing for a short time to astronomical photography. I start shooting with a 24x36mm camera on negative color and black and white film, and then I move on to slides. In 2005, I started developing the negatives and printing in black and white in dark room. At the end of 2010, with the digital camera, I started a new adventure, a study on the digital system and image processing but without abandoning film photography with which, from then on, I only shoot in black and white. However, I abandoned the small film format to move to medium format 6x7cm.

  As in film photography, even in digital photography I use a camera with a full-frame sensor and I always shoot in RAW to have the highest quality and full control over the entire elaboration process, from the shot to the final print.

  Taking a journey back through time, I realized that the main subject, in these more than 30 years of photography, has almost always been the landscape and for this reason I decide to dedicate my time only to this kind of photography also attending short photography courses and workshops dedicated to the theme to deepen the topic on the field.

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